The Bar Association

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I recently visited The Bar Association in downtown Canonsburg with some coworkers after work.

Parking is great, with a public metered lot directly across the street and on-street parking as well.

Location is easy, just off of Pike Street on Jefferson and across from the Library.

The establishment is not big, but it is super clean, has seating at the bar and at high tops as well as a room in the back for sit down dining if you prefer. This place has one thing that I totally love and that is the “garage door” style wall, that can roll up during nice weather, so you get an indoor/outdoor atmosphere. Who wants to be inside on a gorgeous afternoon or evening?

The bartenders were very friendly and knowledgable about different drink selections. We happened to try their Black Magic Martini and was it ever good! A bit on the pricy side at $8 but, again, YUM and really not overpriced compared to the same style drink elsewhere.

We had appetizers served at the bar when we were there and they were very good. We had an order of Poutine and an order of Sausage and Beer Cheese dip! Both were very good and the portions were perfect for a sharable. Though the cheese dip came with probably too much bread, it was really good, we just felt bad leaving it on the plate and wasting it.

We did happen to see several meals heading back to the dining room in the back and they looked fantastic and smelled even better!

We will definitely be heading back here and will check out more of the food the next time we are there. If you are in the area this is one to check out for sure!

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