Mt. Kilimanjaro

When Brian and I first met he was just getting ready to spring on his younger brother the idea of them climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania Africa. Kind of a wild idea most would think and a daunting task at the very least.

However, behind the madness was a very specific reason why he wanted to do this; his younger brother Brad, at the time was nearly blind. Having a degenerative eye disease called Retinitis Pigmentosa or RP for short. He began losing his vision in his teens and as the disease slowly progressed over time, he was able to see less and less peripherally until he was down to nearly a pinpoint and even that was blurry.

Brad loved to see the sunrise and Brian and his best friend Kirk were determined to get Brad as high up as they possibly could to see the most spectacular sunrise of his life before his vision was completely gone. So they set off on a journey to get Brad this memory and along the way managed to raise $37,000 for sight-saving surgeries in poor third world countries through and organization called VOSH.

This trip leads to our first blog and I thought this would be a great forum to now share the blog from long ago in hopes of inspiring others to take the journey themselves to Tanzania and create their own amazing memory.

Click the link here to head over to blogger to view everything from the training through the full trip and the feelings once they returned home. Unfortunately, since it is so old, most of the media links on the right sidebar are no longer active, except for the last one, of an article from the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, it really says a lot! As a tip, on the right side-bar there is a calendar showing months that posts were put up. They are in there newest to oldest so start at the bottom and work your way up.

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