A New Addition..

This post is a bit late getting up on the blog as I took some time off from blogging in 2021, but here we go starting off fresh in 2022…

The time has come….after 3 years of missing our beloved pup Lexus, we have made the leap and decided to adopt a rescue to add to our travel and adventure family!

I have Found my Fur-ever home…

Introducing Adirondack Spring Hart “Addy” for short. We thought long and hard on a name for her, wanting to incorporate our love for the outdoors into her name, and feel we came up with the perfect one! Adirondack for our happy place and home away from home, and Spring, as we adopted her in Spring and her birth name was Springbringer. She is a rescue that we adopted from a group called Soaring Hope Animal Rescue Partners SHARP for short.

My Very first visit and hike to my namesake .. The Adirondack Mountains
Hiking is awesome!!!

According to two other rescue parents that had DNA testing done, Addy is likely 60% Golden Retriever and the rest is Great Pyrenees and Mastiff, and likely a little bit of whatever else. As we like to say 100% purebred Mut! Perfect for us.

So stay tuned for the Adventures of Addy, as she heads off on great hikes and adventures.

Hammocks are amazing, so glad Dad let’s me snuggle with him
My first visit to Ohio Pyle, I sure am happy!

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