Pittsburgh and its flowers..

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Don’t you love Spring? Just when you have had enough of the brown and grey landscape, spring finally arrives. The grass gets that crazy bright green color, the trees become “fuzzy” with new buds and growth and then there are the flowers!

I love spring flowers, from the first crocuses to my all time favorite lilacs. While they are sadly all very short lived, the beautiful colors are such a welcoming site to the spring landscape and get you excited for what’s to come.

Here in Pittsburgh, we have The Phipps Conservatory. Just to the east of the city of Pittsburgh is Oakland. Home to the University of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon University, Schenley Park, Carnegie Museum of Natural History and so much more.

Each new season and several other times during the year Phipps changes its displays and they are all truly breathtaking. We happened to visit just after Easter and on the last weekend of their Spring flower exhibit.

As you stroll through the beautiful building each room is themed differently. From the colorful front entrance, and serpentine room, over to the Orchid and fern rooms. There are other themed exhibits to visit as well. And all throughout there are these gorgeous glass sculptures. One of the most amazing ones is as you enter the main entrance and look up to this incredible chandelier hanging overhead.

The layout is wonderful as the paths naturally take you in a winding succession from room to room so you rarely come up against traffic from other visitors going in the opposite direction. You have plenty of places to stop to take photos and “smell the flowers”. There is even an event room where you can have a wedding, or other special occassion. The pictures will speak much more than my words, but if you are ever visiting Pittsburgh, be sure to put this on your list of places to see. No matter what season you are here, you wont’ be disappointed with the display.

Before you leave there is a cafe and of course a gift shop that has some very unique items for purchase. The entire visit can be as short as an hour or you can spend the afternoon taking in all the colors and enjoy lunch as well. This is a great stop for all ages to enjoy.

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