Here we go.. adventure awaits!!

So I was looking for something different to do with  my time, not that I always have a lot of it, but you get my point. I work full-time, have two grown children and 2 teenage step children… there is light at the end of our tunnel!

As our kids are growing older and more independent, my husband and I have started taking long weekend trips once or twice a year. It started out as an anniversary trip and we have found that we REALLY like it!

We both are in love with our country and want to see it all. Our bucket list is long, but we figure starting out with small trips is a great way to explore all it has to offer. Then if we really like a place we can go back and spend more time on our next trip.

I figure maybe a good place to start out with this is to go back over some of our trips in the past few years to get started. I also plan to add some of my husbands adventure hikes. He is an avid hiker and mountaineer.  Having climbed Mt Kilimanjaro, Rainier, and McKinley to name the big boys and then dozens of smaller yet impressive mountains in Wyoming, Colorado and New York.

And I should add, I’ve never done this before, so please be patient if pictures aren’t quite right or links are broken, I’m still learning!

So welcome to our blog, we hope you enjoy our trips as much as we do!

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