Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

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So I thought I would start a sub category of travels of mainly one day trips, give or take. We love to do short trips  and this is where you will find a lot of those road day trippers.

So Cuyahoga Falls,, where is it? Well it is just north of the city of Akron Ohio, about a hour south of Cleveland and 2 hours West from Pittsburgh. According to the towns website City of Cuyahoga Falls the city was established in 1812 and is steeped in Native American history.

My trip brought me here while visiting a friend that lives near by. The downtown area appears to be going through a revitalization and while it still has some work to do, its really quite cute. We happened to get there on a Friday evening and they were having a Blues and Brews festival. There is a small amphitheater where bands were belting out some great sounds! Several local craft brew houses had tents set up there were also a few food trucks.

One of the trucks in particular that I have to mention was The Funky Truckeria . There was a nice line waiting, so I knew it had to be good. Everything coming from the window looked and smelled great. We got an order of “funky balls”, and man were they good!!!  Two deep fried risotto balls filled with chorizo, Goat cheese, Monterey cheese. Topped with poblano sauce, queso fresco, cilantro. I know it says  goat cheese, but just go with it, you will not be disappointed. While we didn’t actually get anything else because we were a bit pressed for time, the tacos looked fantastic. If I’m ever near Norton, I will be visiting them for sure!

We then took a walk along the main street to our next destination. There are several shops and restaurants to visit and as I said, it appears they are working on a revitalization of some kind. In my opinion, a few cute boutique style shops, maybe a breakfast cafĂ©, lunch bistro and this place would be solid.  They have nice wide sidewalks that could accommodate outdoor seating.

So the Cashmere Cricket was where we were headed for drinks and apps before dinner. This place has great atmosphere inside with a large bar when you walk in up front, and another one in the back along with great casual seating areas. We happened to sit out on the porch out back and our service was excellent. Be prepared however that this is a lounge and not somewhere for dinner. They don’t have food. There is a short “snack” list and we had the Jarlesburg cheese with pretzels which was really pretty good.

So I will divert for a minute at this time to recap one of the hidden gems of the seats we were in. Across the parking lot below is another restaurant, which I will get to in a minute. The restaurant offers complimentary valet service and due to the PGA tour going on at the time and NFL Hall of Fame weekend, it was hopping’ to say the least. The Valet attendants literally were running to move cars, park them, and keep things orderly and they really did a great job. The parking lot is very narrow and turns out into a small street with more parking. So the entertainment of the evening was at the edge of this lot there is a curb that apparently when you are in your car and making the turn, must be invisible. We watched no less than 9 cars in about 30 minutes all hit and drive over this curb. I couldn’t understand it, but one after another, bump scrape, bump scrap. And the look on the peoples faces when they hit was priceless. So I know I was taught not to make fun at someone else expense, but I’m telling you, it was like watching a train wreck, you couldn’t look away.  Sadly ladies, we got a bad rap that night as not one man ran over the curb but every woman nailed it. I don’t know why I didn’t video tape it. If you ever watched Mystery Science Theatre years ago, this was us, sitting there watching this play out and ad-libbing the conversation in the car. Priceless. Again, I do apologize to those that entertained us for laughing but if you could have seen it from our vantage point. To be fair we didn’t laugh the first time, and were confused the second time, but by the third time it was a phenomenon.

Anyway, after cocktails and fun, we decided to cross the lot to this very same restaurant (we walked!) which was The Burntwood Tavern. This establishment is just gorgeous inside with barn wood everywhere, ample seating, a great patio and the bar area was awesome. They offered seating on a porch all along the outside of the bar and then down along the outer wall of one of several dining rooms. The Cuyahoga river runs right next to the restaurant and porches and makes for a very enjoyable evening. We didn’t get huge meals but opted for a few smaller plates, or so I thought. My friend got the Blackened Shrimp Tacos : slaw, queso fresco, avocado salsa & sriracha aioli and said they were great. I had the Avocado Flat Bread grilled chicken, tomato, bacon, avocado salsa & peppercorn ranch and it was excellent. There was enough here for at least two people and I ended up taking home left overs.

After dinner we walked along the boardwalk that follows the river which took us back past the amphitheater under the road and ended us at the Sheraton Hotel. We crossed the street and visited the Craft Beer Bar (their link keeps blowing up my post here so I had to remove it. I will add it again down below).  This was a great place with a nice area to sit outside on the sidewalk area, and ample bar seating as well as high tops and tables. The food coming out smelled and looked great, but having just come from dinner we only had a drink. They have a nice selection of beers and wines for all tastes.  Visit their About page as they did a great job describing themselves.

So that’s about it. If you ever get  out to the Akron area, be sure to visit here and maybe stay a while. And if you happen to eat at the Burntwood , make sure you look up and wave to anyone sitting on the deck at Cashmere Cricket, as you drive over the curb.

The Craft Beer Bar


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  • Wow! Cuyahoga Falls looks so pretty! Did you take the photos yourse!f? Been thinking of heading towards the little Cuyahoga River for a weekend trip and now I am convinced. Any recommendations on where to stay?

    • Thanks So much Tammy for your comments!! Yes , all the of the pictures are mine. I would highly recommend the Sheraton in Cuyahoga Falls, or if you are staying in nearby Akron, you could also stay at the wonderul Hilton Hotel on west Market. Both hotels have great restaurants in house or wonderful out of house places near by. In Akron I would hightly recommend Ken Stewarts, Tres Belle, which is just fantastic.

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